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A Bounty of Blueberries

Okay, so I’ve made it clear that I have an obsession with fruit.  With most fruits, if it doesn’t come from a farm in my area, it does not satisfy me.  Fruit from outside origins is tastes strange and bland … Continue reading

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More Than Just a Waffle

While my Mom does just about all the cooking in my house, it’s my father’s cooking that really makes me nostalgic. I can vividly remember waking up on a Saturday morning and bounding down the stairs in order not to … Continue reading

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Fruitful Delights

Because the average person buys for appearance instead of taste, fruit found at a local supermarket is more likely to be purchased than fruit that was grown from someone’s backyard.  The most striking differences between the two are the combination … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts on “Food Inc.”

Food Inc is a documentary of exactly what happens to our meat before it is set on our tables.  It shows graphic scenes of deformed chickens, a child with E-Coli, a cow being treated for indigestion, chicks on a conveyor … Continue reading

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N.Rude’s Review of “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle”

  Barbara Kingsolver, the main author of Animal, Vegetable, Miracle is an average American woman who moved her family across the country to Virginia to live on her husband’s farm.  They grow almost everything they eat and buy everything else … Continue reading

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