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Dirt and Worms:   How to Impress and Win Approval of Your Boyfriend’s Parents

First time I ever met my boyfriend’s parents was when invited over to celebrate his 17th birthday the summer after I graduated. My parents were invited over as well so our parents could meet. We had been dating since February, … Continue reading

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Cookshelf Chocolate Cookbook

I keenly remember when my love of desserts began. Throughout the house the mouthwatering smell of chocolate chip cookies wafting throughout the house would lure me into the kitchen. No sooner had the cookies come out of the oven warm and gooey, I … Continue reading

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How Far Food Goes

Upon entering any grocery store I am overwhelmed by the produce stacked precariously and the shelves filled with so much food I wonder how they could sell everything in time before it went bad. The truth is they can not … Continue reading

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Food Inc. Review

Summary:   Throughout the film, Food Inc., Robert Kenner explores first hand where our food comes from and the disturbing practices among the American Food Industry. To farms, and slaughterhouses with disturbing conditions, the truth is revealed. Amazingly, three or four … Continue reading

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Where Are Our Standards?: Animal, Vegetable, Miracles Book Review

Out of all the books, articles, magazines, posts, and even newspapers, I have never come across a true story comparable to Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbra Kingsolver. This book embarks on the pursuit of living without food produced from the … Continue reading

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