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It Is Easy, Being Cheesy

  There are some foods out there that are just perfect in any occasion. Mac and cheese is one of those foods. Imagine coming home from a long day of school and starving for real food. Well actually I don’t … Continue reading

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Cooking for Everyone

Is cereal the fanciest food that you’ve ever “cooked”? Are you intimidated by words like creme fraiche and blanch? Well then I’ve got a book for you. Easy Food is a very useful book for those who have only used … Continue reading

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The Importance of Local Food

Do you like eating compost? If you do, then Giant’s strawberries, shipped all the way from Mexico, are perfect for you. It’s moldy enough to pet and mushy enough to be compost. Now the real question is: how did Giant … Continue reading

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Food chains is a movie about injustices that occur to the working people who pick vegetables, and more specifically tomatoes. The movie goes in depth with the problem by focusing on the CIW, Coalition of Immokalee Workers. They are a group … Continue reading

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Independence with Food (FINAL)

Kingsolver’s Animal, Vegetable, Miracle focuses on the importance of food and agriculture through a combination of facts and stories. The story goes through one year where Kingsolver and her family eats mostly organic and local foods. Every chapter is filled … Continue reading

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