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For the Love of Zucchini

I’ve grown up in a number of different places.  I spent my first few infantile months crammed into a two bedroom apartment in West Pittston, Pennsylvania.  Fast forward to eighteen months and my mother and father were stuck in the … Continue reading

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The Way to A Woman’s Heart

I can recall a time in my early childhood where my mother admonished me to learn how to cook.  “Women love a man who knows his way about a kitchen,” she would tell me, and to a six or seven … Continue reading

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The Peppers You Might Find at Giant Food Stores

I ate a lot of green peppers growing up.  My mother is a great cook, and one of the vegetables she always kept in the house were bell peppers as she put them in much of the food we ate. … Continue reading

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One Less Grocery Bag

Imagine the owner of a local grocery store taking the trash out before closing and accidentally throwing it on some unsuspecting guy rooting around in the dumpster. For Grant Baldwin this was a reality. Only, instead of going through a … Continue reading

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The Cost of Food: A Review of Animal, Vegetable, Miracle

Have you ever thought of where your food comes from? What it costs? Barbara Kingsolver, author of Animal, Vegetable, Miracle would have you believe that food, in nearly every way in America, is being forced down your gullet in an … Continue reading

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