One Sandwich to Rule Them All

            All throughout my life I have been a picky eater. My mother has even told me stories of when I was a baby that I was hard to feed for this very reason. I have always hoped that at some point in my life I would grow out of this. And despite trying different types of foods on continuous occasions I still haven’t been able to kick my own unfortunate habit. So throughout the years I have attempted so many different types of food but none really caught my attention. No matter what the food group I couldn’t find something I enjoyed, whether it be any sort of meat or fish or anything of the sort I couldn’t find something I liked. Except for one delicious sandwich. Of course, I am speaking of the oh so simplistic yet at the same time so satisfying grilled cheese sandwich. I am sure you are quite perplexed at how I could share so much love for such a basic sandwich so let’s go back into where this love for this sandwich started.

Grilled Cheese

            Based on what my family has told me, my mother is one heck of a cook. To my disappointment this is something I never really got to enjoy myself. It’s not like I haven’t tried to eat her cooking as I previously mentioned, it just seemed that for some odd reason I never really had the taste buds for the food she cooked. This has caused me to miss out on all types of feasts she has prepared all my life, from holiday dinners to some random Tuesday night. Based on what my family tells me she is quite skilled at cooking all forms of chicken but that is something I don’t have much experience in tasting. It always upset me and made me feel bad for not indulging in my mother’s delicious cooking. My mother knew this so being the kind women she is she would always go out of her way to make me a separate meal that I could enjoy. Almost every time this happened the meal would consist of grilled cheese sandwiches. Despite it being rude on my part for not just eating what everyone else did, I couldn’t help but at times feel a bit special that my mother would do this for me. What made me feel even more special was when she would occasionally make the meal of the night grilled cheese. She would always do it just right. Fill an entire plate with a mountain of grilled cheese sandwiches that the family was free to grab from as they pleased. And of course it was I who would always be grabbing the most. The sandwiches would then be accompanied by tomato soup, like most families I assume do, but I have never really been one for soup. So I would swap out the soup with ketchup and it would have the same delicious effect as the soup would, despite what my professor may think.  Sure, it may sound a little odd to get so excited over just a simple grilled cheese I couldn’t help but enjoy it to the fullest extent. Maybe it had something to do with how my mother would go out of her way to do this just for me but it was still so tasty all the same. And despite having different grilled cheeses from different places none of them have ever came close to my mother’s grilled cheeses. I guess what they say is true nothing beats a mothers cooking.


            One of my personal favorite factors about the grilled cheese is how easy it is to make. Along with how few ingredients you need to make the sandwich itself. There are literally three main ingredients you need to make the sandwich: bread, butter, and the most important part cheese itself. There are also a few optional ingredients that are included in this masterpiece. The main one I am speaking of is the tomato soup which allows you to dip the sandwich in for a little more flavor. However, if you’re not one who enjoys soup, like myself, you may swap this out with ketchup. If I could put my two cents into the matter of what is better to dip into I would have to say the ketchup, but that may just be me.

Cooking Process

            My mother would cook them just as any ordinary person would so that is how I am going to advise how to cook them. Starting off with 2 pieces of bread, they can be any kind of course I have just always preferred white bread myself. Next item you will need to prep the bread is just some simple butter. You then proceed to smear the butter on both sides of the two pieces of bread. Once this is complete you can start to get the stove ready by setting them to either a low or medium temperature depending on how you like the grilled cheese. Once this is ready you place your first piece of bread in a pan on the stove. Then it is accompanied by a slice of cheese or two, again depending on your own preference, and then the other piece of bread. Once this is done you flip the sandwich repeatedly until the bread is toasty tan and the cheese is nice and melted. The only next thing to do is to take that first bite into the best sandwich around. I recommend cutting it in half to get the full effect of its gooey goodness. If you are interested in the soup option all you need for that is a simple can of tomato soup, pour the can into the pot, and just have it on the stove as you cook the sandwiches. This will add a bit of flavor since the sandwiches are rather simple. Or if you aren’t the biggest fan of soup, like myself, plain ketchup is a terrific substitute.


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