“Dont Knock what you Haven’t Tried”

When you hear the word Vegan associated with food, most people think that the food isn’t as good as if it were “non-vegan”. Well, let me be the first to say, “Do not knock what you have not tried”. People that live a Vegan lifestyle are Pros at substituting certain things that wouldn’t be “vegan” for someone who eats whatever. In my experience, my best friend can dish up the best Vegan dishes you could possibly have, from a favorite cookbook, “A Vegan Taste of Mexico” by Linda Majzlik. Let me say I am a Mexican Food Fiend. I LOVE Mexican food, literally obsessed. And when he dished me up some food from this wonderful cookbook, I was skeptical, to be honest, but man I CRAVE the food all the time now!

So one night he asked me to come over with some fri51H0D74FWKL._SX318_BO1,204,203,200_ends, he was having a party and made everything that seemed appetizing from this cookbook. There were chips, salsa, salad, soups, tacos, you name it! The food was organized in stations and we started off with the appetizers. The appetizers were fabulous, there was a “Guacamole” recipe he used and this one had a zing to it! It was so fresh! The best part of the appetizers was the QUESO! Now I am not sure what he did but he told me he used the recipe from the book, but added more of everything for flavor. The queso was amazing! I was super shocked because “vegan cheese”, a little background on it is simply gross. I have never had a satisfying experience with it. Literally everything I ate I wanted more of. The soup, salad, and taco station were just to die for. The “Pollo Black Bean Taco” was a favorite. I was impressed with the flavor and texture of the food, and I would have never thought I wasn’t eating chicken. I guess that’s why its called the “Pollo Black Bean Taco” because you would never second guess that it wasn’t chicken!

If you are a Mexican cuisine fiend like me and want to mix it up in a healthier lifestyle without the bad fats and calories in the “traditional sense” you have to give this cookbook a chance! You will not regret it nor will your stomach! Trust me when I say your stomach will love you because usually after eating Mexican you end up making a date with your bathroom toilet regretting that zesty burrito.

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