More Than Just a Waffle

While my Mom does just about all the cooking in my house, it’s my father’s cooking that really makes me nostalgic. I can vividly remember waking up on a Saturday morning and bounding down the stairs in order not to miss the first of many Saturday morning cartoons. Slowly, the rest of the house would wake up too, and they would come down to the kitchen. And, if my brother and I were lucky, my father would cook us breakfast.
There was always great rejoicing when my father pulled the thick red cookbook out of the cupboard, because this meant waffles were on the way. He would bring out our waffle iron and in a few short minutes, my brother and I would be eating waffles: competing to see who could eat more.
Now, as a young woman, I can appreciate this thick red cookbook for more than just waffles. I enjoy flipping through it, looking at decadent pictures and then looking over to the recipes, reading the ingredients list and musing about how good that combination would taste. Even someone who is fairly unexperienced at real cooking can make the recipes in the Betty Crocker cookbook. The descriptions are detailed to the point where I can’t get anything wrong. The pictures are large and high quality, showing me exactly what I’m making should look like when it’s fully cooked. As for the recipes themselves: they are clearly high quality. I don’t recall ever eating something from the book that I did not like. Betty Crocker includes everything from desserts to steaks to soups and salads. The book is nothing but helpful and I can’t wait to buy my own copy and cook from it one day.

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