Cooking for Everyone

Is cereal the fanciest food that you’ve ever “cooked”? Are you intimidated by words like creme fraiche and blanch? Well then I’ve got a book for you. Easy Food is a very useful book for those who have only used spoons and forks in the kitchen.

The word use in Easy Food is very friendly and open for begginers of cooking. There are no crazy words that describe very specific ways to cook something. For example, I found the phrase, “toss in marinade”, to be very straight forward without using complex cooking words like baste. The book is written with regular language; it’s written as if not everyone knows the meaning of julienne. And why even say julienne if you can just say, “cut into thin strips”.

In this cookbook you will find all kinds of recipes organized in useful sections from soups to meats to desserts, the organization helps making find what you want to eat very easy. The recipes you will find are simple and ordinary, so much so that each section’s title starts off with easy like “easy chicken”. Easy Food knows who its audience is, beginners who want relatively simple recipes and masters who want good foundations for their recipes.  Most of these recipes also have a picture to go along with so if you weren’t hungry enough before hand, now you will be. The detail of the high quality pictures makes this book worth picking up, just to look at the different kinds of food.

Rancher’s Chicken is a good example of what this book can provide. In the end this recipe boils down to chicken, bacon, and cheese BUT there are other ingredients added like sauces and tomatoes that are also recommended. This makes for a simplistic recipe but with a lot of possibilities to add on if wanted. The directions to making this chicken is as simple as the ingredients: mix the sauce and tomato, cook the chicken and bacon, combine the two mixtures with some cheese and broil.

Easy Food is a great pickup for anyone who’s into cooking, whether beginner or not. The simple nature of the recipes helps guide creativity to a more delicious result if someone, like I, were to get experimental with it. The book provides a nice foundation to begin learning about the true nature of cooking.  

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