A Healthy Lifestyle Made Easy


When first glancing at Oh She Glows Everyday from the many cookbooks covering the shelves of Barnes & Noble, the first thing I noticed were the colors. Not the tacky colors that usually litter the cover of a recipe book, the ones with large letters trying (yet simply irritating the eyes) to persuade readers that this book is filled with “easy recipes!!” and so obviously, one should buy it. No, this cover is clean: one white plate filled with complementing colors and a white marble background. Simplicity. That is what first caught my attention.

Angela Liddon, a New York Times besting selling author wrote this plant-based recipe book in September of 2016. Along with her awesome cookbooks, she is also the founder of ohsheglows.com – a website filled with 500+ deliciously healthy (and super easy) recipes, many of which correlate well with recipes found in Oh She Glows Everyday. Liddon explains that being the business owner she is, and with her growing family, her focus on creating these beautiful recipes is for “on-the-go” people that want to keep healthiness a big aspect within their life. The start of every new section opens with a story of how these recipes relate to her life, and the importance of them. These passages are so cool to read because it gives readers insight into the author’s lifestyle and personality. It’s reminding readers that eating healthy can be easy and affordable!


My favorite recipes were found in the breakfast and smoothie section. I am such a morning person, and a good breakfast has the ability to make a good morning turn into a GREAT morning. What better way to start the day than having an easy and delicious meal? It’s like kickstarting the day into awesome-ness. The breakfast section is filled with berry & almond milk focused recipes. Not only are they healthy but they are also filling, and even eye-pleasing. Along with this, majority of the recipes are even gluten free.


To say I’m a smoothie fanatic could even be considered an understatement – whatever fruit and vegetable you can throw in the blender I would love to try. What easier way to get a great amount of vitamins! I have tried many smoothie recipes from this book. My favorite one is called the “All Day Green Smoothie” which is packed with vegetables. With a mixture of Lemon, Avocado, Mango, and Red Leaf Lettuce, it provides a lightly sweet taste, and has you feeling incredible afterwards.

Although it is a plant-based book, I would recommend this cookbook for absolutely anyone. Every recipe is easy and insanely nutritious. She provides recipes for any time of day with a variety of ingredients, so it can accommodate any type of mood. I highly recommend this book for college students who are constantly in a rush and struggling to make time for healthy eating. This makes a healthy lifestyle so much easier!
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