Nerdy Nummies Aren’t Just For Nerds

20170423_220850Nerdy Nummies by Rosanna Pansino is such a treat, and not just because its filled with amazing sweet recipes but because its beyond fun and geeky! Being a nerd myself all the recipes in this book resonate with me and are definitely things I would make but, you don’t need to be a nerd to enjoy these baked goods. Ro (as her fans affectionately call her) splits the book up into several sections- 1. Math and Science, 2. Space, 3. Fantasy and Sci-Fi, 4. Gaming, 5. Tech and Web, and 6. Geeky Treats. This makes it super easy to find recipes to suit whatever you like. Having a space themed party for your kid? Open to the space section and make some Galaxy Cupcakes or Moon Phase Macaroons. Getting ready for the new season of The Walking Dead? There is a Zombie Brain cake just for you!

 While the basic recipes are just that-basic and fairly simple, she gives you recipes for chocolate and white cupcakes, several different types of cookies and even cinnamon rolls, however the decorations can be very extensive for example the geodes for Geode Candy Cupcakes have to sit 12 hours before you put them on top of the white cupcakes. They are made with fondant and sanding sugar; the sugar has to crystalize for 12 hours to create the perfect geode effect (although she gives you a quick alternative but it doesn’t look nearly as impressive). There are simpler ones like the Star Constellation Cookies which are just simple cut outs with some frosting and sugar, or the Mana and Health Potions which are just club soda and flavored syrup in a fancy glass. 20170423_220824

Some of my favorite recipes are the Awkward Penguin Cookies, Textbook Smores and Petri Dish Jellies. All the recipes are cute and filled with fun. In the very beginning of the book Ro gives a few pages filled with the different tools and decorative candies and things will you need throughout the book. This is super helpful and also alerts you when you first open it to the craziness your about to encounter. 20170423_220934

This cookbook is definitely something I will be keeping around for years to come, its quirky and filled with great ideas. There will be occasions in the future that I know I will use this book for whether its just for a party or just to help increase my decorating skills. If you like fun with your food this book is for you!

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