“New” Cookbook?: Not Quite But As Modern Than Ever


I admit I picked up this book once or twice because my roommates were curious to see what was inside. Although we laughed at the 80’s hairstyles and clothing on the first page, the photos of the recipes on the various tabs are nothing short of beautiful. As a person who is very much attracted to visuals, this cook book delivers. The Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book came out in 1989. You would think the visuals and recipes would be outdated but on the contrary, the construction of the book is what today’s modern cook books should emulate. The dividers with tabs on the sides make it so easy to find various and specific topics like appetizers and snacks, cakes, beverages, you name it.

For all you snack lovers out there, this section has recipes for nachos, potato skins, and Italian-style popcorn. I’d just like to add the latter is a surprising delight. Thinking about seafood tonight? There is a really great section on fish and shellfish with recipes for shrimp, fish, and lobster. After dinner, you might want to take a look at the dessert section. There’s recipes for lemon pudding cake, vanilla ice cream, and Baked Alaska.

Now I’m not one for pot roast but there is a recipe for beef pot roast that is one for the books. My roommate made the recipe and it came out wonderfully. I watched as she prepared it and it was easy to make. In fact, all the recipes in this book are quite easy because the directions are very simple. After the ingredients are combined and simmered, you simply pour them over the roast and bake. With the smell of the Worcestershire sauce, bouillon cubes, dried basil, and onions cooking on top of the roast in the oven, it’s enough to make a vegetarian think twice. Vegan cooks, meat lovers, and everyone in between will adore this book because it is very diverse in what it has to offer. I really recommend this book because it has everything you could possibly think of to make.

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