Organic vs. Non-Organic

As Cher once said, “If you could turn back time” would you? Today, more than ever, the modern day grocery shopper has an overly abundant amount of decisions to make when shopping. If we were to go back circa 1990 and shop at a local retailer, chances are you never came across anything with the word organic on its label. Well now a days you can’t walk into any local Giant, Wegmans or store like Whole foods without seeing a sign or designated area slated as “organic” food.  This “organic” food I speak of is unfortunately pricier than the “non-organic” food and is deemed to be a “healthier choice”.  Personally, I shop organic due to limiting my consumption of GMOS (genetically Modified food) and to reap the benefits of the food I eat. So many choices right?! You have your organic, non-organic foods, foods made of chemicals and GMOs that will make you die (kidding-kind of) and other unknown factors, it really takes a toll on your mind while trying to shop especially if it’s busy, or if there’s a blizzard coming. Forget it, at that point just go for the junk food and wine!
So why do grocery stores carry these items and how much more expensive is organic than non-organic? Well I went in201405-omag-apple-949x534to Giant, Wegmans, and Walmart (with Walmart being the least organic friendly) and noticed that most organic prices were astronomically higher than non-organic (no surprise here). Mind you, from the outsides the food looks exactly the same, and in some instances organic produce actually is significantly smaller in size than the non-organic brand, and can also not be as “pretty” looking. But organic items come at a higher price because to be considered “organic” it costs A LOT of money to get that “organic certification label” slapped on by approval of the USDA. The farms that produce organic items also face high costs with getting licensed by the USDA to become organic and that price sadly trickles down to us the consumers. So I did a little comparison on some items in each of the three grocery stores I visited. The first thing I compared was Soda. Soda is made up of non-organic materials and other horrible things for you, but I compared the cost of soda to organic sparkling grape juice. The 2-liter bottles of Coke were only .99c if you bought FOUR. The organic sparkling grape juice was 3.99 for ONE 20 fl oz bottle (the size of a water bottle). Another common item I compared was some vegetables such as tomatoes and peppers. The ones that were labeled organic were almost 3 times the price of non-organic. It completely blows my mind on the prices of these items. Like I know that they are pricey hence I told you that I try my best to buy “organic” but when actually comparing these items side by side it is a bit ridiculous to say the least. And I can assume that you know why grocery stores carry these items? For people like me to make them rich! Ha, no, it really is to hopefully make the customers aware of what they are buying and what ingredients are being put into our bodies, and at this point in time I can only hope Cher can turn back time for us because if there is any more stress in grocery shopping, I am going to just start eating grass! #turnbacktimeforusCher

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