Fruitful Delights

Because the average person buys for appearance instead of taste, fruit found at a local supermarket is more likely to be purchased than fruit that was grown from someone’s backyard.  The most striking differences between the two are the combination of size and taste.

I thought back to my father’s strawberries which he had labored over for years.  Looking at the strawberries from the local store, the difference in size was clearly noticeable.  It would take two or three of my father’s strawberries to create just one of their strawberries.  But, for what my father’s strawberries lacked in size, they made up for in taste.  The strawberries from the store were watery and plain.  They simply couldn’t compare.

I then thought back to the last time I ate store-bought blueberries.  They were fairly large, as large as my father’s, but they were tasteless.  When I ate one, I actually found the taste to be reminiscent of butter.  Then, I recalled my mother’s blueberry cobbler which I had eaten just last weekend.  The blueberries from our bushes were frozen from the year 2014, but they tasted as if they had just been picked.  Every bite was packed with flavor in ways that the store-bought blueberries couldn’t even hold a candle to.

In short, the fruit from the backyard and the fruit from the store are drastically different.  The tastes and appearances are oddly different even though they are the same fruit.  So what does a person do when they don’t have a back yard?  The answer is simple: one goes to a fruit farm.  The fruit farms around my area offer picked fruit and fruit you pick yourself and then pay for by the pound or quart.  They are, for the most part, affordable, and can be frozen for the winter when such fruits are unavailable.

And so, a person can always get their hands on good fruit, so why not take advantage of it?  Happy hunting!

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