The Peppers You Might Find at Giant Food Stores

I ate a lot of green peppers growing up.  My mother is a great cook, and one of the vegetables she always kept in the house were bell peppers as she put them in much of the food we ate.  Homemade chili, stuffed peppers, stir fry, salads, sausage and peppers, and the



list goes on.  Like most families, mine does the majority of our shopping at the local supermarket, in our case Giant Food Stores.  Over the 12 years that I’ve lived in Lehighton, Pennsylvania, I’ve found that the motto created by the originator of that particular chain, “To offer the best products at the fairest price,” is a misrepresentation of the quality of their peppers (1).

Most of us spend some time while shopping fondling unsuspecting fruits and vegetables to check for ripeness and quality, but some of the peppers that I’ve found might end up as mush in your hands if you decided to try that with one of them.  So why do we shop here?  There is a local farmer’s market a mile away from my home, and yet we seldom went there.  My mother would plant peppers to supplement our household starting in the summer, but never enough to supply us completely.  Maybe it is the convenience of being able to just run out and get everything in one place, but is that really worth it if what you’re getting is suffering in quality?  Regardless of the reason,



there is one thought that I can’t get out of my mind: if the peppers are left rotting on the shelf, then all of their other products must be similarly expiring in the other 150 stores spanning much of Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Maryland (1).  There are other stores where you can get better quality items.  Don’t waste your time sacrificing quality at Giant for convenience.





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