The Importance of Local Food

Do you like eating compost? If you do, then Giant’s strawberries, shipped all the way from Mexico, are perfect for you. It’s moldy enough to pet and mushy enough to be compost.

Now the real question is: how did Giant come to this and why should you avoid it by eating locally? In 1972, Giant introduced the “Everyday Low Prices” mindset which emphasized the importance of price. That isn’t necessarily bad but there needs to be a balance between cost and quality, between convenience and taste. As I walked down the fruit section of Giant, it dawned on me how much quality had been suffering because of the need for everyone to have whatever they want whenever they want. All the fruits were either too ripe or way past ripe: bananas were green, peaches were hard, and yet the strawberries looked like they were melting.


After that I went to find some amazing raspberries, one of my favorite fruit. As I get closer to a case, all I can think about is the juicy taste of the plump red fruit. As I pick up the raspberries, I feel something slightly cold and wet against my skin; I’m confused and disgusted to find that the berries…were just leaking. Now, if you want fruits that are edible for human beings, you may want to start eating locally. If you don’t want to pay for local you could even grow your own little garden. My family was able to do it and we were far from rich. I wasn’t going to college until a family friend let us borrow some money, and that’s after financial aid; if we can, you can too. There are plenty of books out there that can help you start but I’d recommend Kingsolver’s Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. So go eat some REAL fruit!

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