Most Convenient Spot for Quick Groceries by Jason Hurst


Jason Hurst

Being that I don’t have a car it can sometimes be quite difficult for me to get food living in Kutztown. So I couldn’t help but be curious of what different places were available for me to get some food when I really was in dire need of some food. What my main focus for it was what are some convenient places to buy food in immediate walking distance of my house? That being said the main three places I considered was Mr. Foods, Second Nature Food Store, and if you’re feeling a little adventures you can even walk to Giant. And to be completely honest the results I came across were a bit surprising.

My journey was beginning by wanting check out what was at the local convenience store, Mr. Foods. It was sort of an obvious choice since it is barely a block from my house. When I went in their one of the first things I noticed was how overpriced majority of their snacks and drinks with very little organic options. I defiantly understand why it is a tad overprice for the reason that you can walk only a block away instead of walking over to Giant. But when I have to pay an extra $2.00 for the same bag of chips I can get at giant it really makes me consider just going there. And on top of that there was very little fruit in general. One plus however was that they did have a very convenient deli with a fine assortment of fresh meats which did catch my eye.

Once I was done at Mr. Foods I felt best to walk across the street to see what Second Nature Food Store had to offer. To be honest, when I went in there I was little surprised at what I seen. I say that because at the very front of the store was pretty much nothing except a huge assort of health vitamins and things like that. I assumed since there was the word food in the name of the store they were primarily a food store. As a headed to the back of the store I finally found what I was looking for. They did indeed have a decent assortment of organic foods and not much of anything else. I was very shocked when I thought there was no produce. I finally found what seemed to be the hardest thing to find in the store in a tiny room in the very back. It’s weird, I assumed I would see more of things like fruit and less vitamins and what not but it was actually the exact opposite. What little food thy did have included different kinds of beans, different kinds of pastas, an assortment of oils, honey, and even a whole wall of organic chips which I was surprised about. Which was nice to see but all these things were also a bit price, for example, I thought it to be a bit silly when I saw that one tiny box of organic cookies was almost $6.00. My main issue was how think that there would be more actual meals and same with the produce and not as limited.

With that being said I came to the conclusion that it would probably be best just to walk on over to Giant. Sure it may be a bit more of a walk away but the variety and combination of the prices make it worth it. When I walked into Giant I didn’t feel as limited as I would have when I went to some of these other store which doesn’t really come as a surprise. Given that I can find anything from the finest of meats to the highest quality of produce and anywhere in between. That even includes if I’m looking for some of the more organic type of food which was something that was sort of hard to come by when I was in Mr. Food. While at the same time the prices of the food isn’t as high as they would be when I was in those stores either. And for these reasons I believe Giant is the best option. Granted it is a bit of a greater distance being that Mr. Foods and Second Nature are a about a block away and Giant is more than a mile. In my opinion though it really is worth walking the mile and a half.


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