EBT Junk Vs. Amex High Quality

What could be better than limp, lifeless herbs and dented, spotty herbs in your local convenience store? Growing up, we got all of our essentials from the convenience store.  It was the few stores that accepted EBT. However, whenever we had to buy food we had to go far to get our produce. I was told our store had some fruit and vegetables but they weren’t of good quality. This raises the question why did our small convenience store have mediocre fruits and vegetable and the big supermarket have beautiful ones?

When I walked into the produce section of Giant I was shocked. I thought this is so convenient to have every type of produce imaginable in one place. It seems as though the smaller the business the less healthy options are available, like produce for example. Even at my job Price Rite, we do sell produce because we are a market, but we are a small company therefore we get the really small, limp herbs and dented fruits. We have larger competitors across the street and their produce section resembles Giant’s. This makes me wonder if companies care whether customers get fruits and vegetables at all and if they do, do they get the best; or, is it all just business? Why does it seem that EBT equals small and mediocre if even available to them and AMEX Black Card equals 100% availability and large and fresh?

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