Whole Foods Get Romantic

Produce comes from all sorts of romantic and exotic locations around the world, however there is nothing romantic about a piece of fruit getting gassed up and bouncing around the back of a truck for 3 days, Whole Foods wants you to think there is.Whole Foods has become my new domain since one has come into our town, is a wonderful place for organic healthy alternatives to some regular grocery store items. When you walk into Whole Foods the first section is always produce, the colors and signage are the first things to grab your attention. The signs scream “Organic” or “Conventional” separating the two types of produce that are available. The thing that sticks out to me most about the signage is next to the item description it says where it was shipped from in a fancy handwritten bold font. The second thing that stuck out to me as I perused around the heaps of fruits and vegetables was not a single sign had anything local to my area. Two signs that caught my attention as I walked around the produce department were the Costa Rica pineapples

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and the Mexico starfruits because when you add their country of origin they sound so exotic and romantic.  The signs are handwritten by the staff in thick black marker which is why they catch your attention so fast because it is unique to Whole Foods other grocery stores use corporate sent signs. The locations did not vary from conventional or organic everywhere from Peru to Florida was present. It was strange to me that they were advertising that their fruits and vegetables came from thousands of miles away, not just advertising but throwing it in your face as if it was a cool and interesting fact that these strawberries traveled 3000 miles from California on a truck to be in this store. And not at all disastrous to the environment or the flavor and quality of the fruit itself. Whole Foods does this with all of their products but seems to make it the most evident in their produce section.  When it comes to produce I prefer to have it from a local source because the quality is better. In more mainstream grocery stores like Giant and Weis their fruits and vegetables also say where they are from but mainly on a small sticker located on the produce or its packaging. It would make more sense if Whole Foods was selling local produce and using their unique signage to promote that. It definitely makes you think twice when you see how far your food has traveled. I will continue to shop at Whole Foods for many things but I think I will skip the Texas grapefruits.

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