Unveiling the Truth Behind the American Food Industry

Caroline Leahy

Before enjoying the first bite of the fried chicken sitting on the plate in front of you, ask yourself, do you know exactly where it came from? Disregarding the bag’s labels, did you watch that exact chicken grow up, where it came from, and how it was treated?

What many people do not realize is that the chicken sitting on their plate most likely only lived a life span of six weeks. They were pumped with hormones to be forcefully overweight, and are kept in conditions that no living being should ever reside in; in a dark cage with no where to move.

Do you want to throw that chicken out yet? Well, these horrible truths are the same with most of the meat sold on the shelves at grocery stores. The truth is, food labels give an idealistic (and completely false) view on American farm life. It is unfortunate to know that  even with analyzing the label, people still do not know the truths behind what they are eating. The food corporation has gotten away with corrupting its customers for a long time, but people are finally starting to unveil their secrets. Award-winning 2009 documentary, Food Inc. does exactly just that.

Food Inc. is a documentary that subjects the unhealthful habits the American food industry has plagued our country with. From the inhumane living conditions farm animals are forced into, to the dirty facts behind the reasoning for obesity in America (over-use of corn syrup for example), Food Inc. does a job well done at revealing the horrifying truths behind what we eat, without sugar coating it. America has done a very nice job at covering up the horrible working conditions of farmers, and the animals they raise, with false labeling. Food Inc. is bringing to surface a topic that needed to be recognized.

This documentary is so necessary for everyone to watch, simply because we, as Americans, do not know what is going in our bodies no matter how strongly we try to be “label-conscious”. As people, we have a right to know where our food is coming from. The animals used for our hunger-satisfying convenience have a right to a nice life as well, a simple fact that is so often neglected. Everyone who is interested in knowing where majority of the food often comes from, or want inspiration to buy from more local farmers markets, should definitely watch this documentary.

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