Food Inc Review

In the documentary Food Inc which is based on the USA’s industrial food production, the documentary takes you inside on how our meat and grain is processed for the country’s high intake of calories…which I may warn some of the content may upset you. Food Inc also explains on how powerful corporations in America have become and how they control our infrastructure of food being processed into the country’s grocery stores, fast food restaurants and consumers homes (which in my opinion doesn’t sit too well for my stomach). Quoted from Michael Pollan, “There are no seasons in the American supermarket. Now there are tomatoes all year round, grown halfway around the world, picked when it was green, and ripened with ethylene gas. Although it looks like a tomato, it’s kind of a food-incnotional tomato. I mean, it’s the idea of a tomato.” Quoting Michael Pollan on how tomatoes are ripened  presents only a fraction of detail on how “cynical” the food industry really is in our country. I mean we really have not a clue what goes on behind the scenes in this industry, and I am glad that this documentary is available out there for people that want to become aware and educated. The film also shows us how unhealthy and unethical the processes are that take place in these industrial factories and how both animals and employees are put into harmful environments and are being abused. “In 1972, the FDA conducted approximately 50,000 food safety inspections. In 2006, the FDA conducted 9,164.” Health and Safety of the animals, the workers, and the consumers are no longer taken into account, instead these large corporations and our government simply “overlook” the problem in effort to provide cheap food regardless of the negative consequences. After watching this film I am sure you will think twice before throwing that “perfectly ripened tomato” into your shopping cart, and question if the ground beef your currently holding was “treated in a humane way” before it became food.

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