Food chains is a movie about injustices that occur to the working people who pick vegetables, and more specifically tomatoes. The movie goes in depth with the problem by focusing on the CIW, Coalition of Immokalee Workers. They are a group who want to just bring fair wages and work conditions for people in the food industry, specifically the food pickers. But in order to do this, companies must change their focus from profits and money to the importance of people.

The movie focuses on a way to help the people: by increasing the cost per pound of food by 1 cent. “They [food companies] earn more than monsanto, Goldman Sachs, Microsoft, and Apple.” This amount of money is crazy considering how much those other companies make. Microsoft and Apple sell expensive electrons by the billions yet these food markets are still making more money off of relatively cheap food. These crazy profits along with the company’s refusal to lower cost demonstrates the insane amount of focus on profits. The greed, and selfishness is explained more in depth in the full movie brings out want to fight it.  

In a memorable scene, slavery is depicted by showing the truck that people were forced to live in; they would be chained up in a rusting truck. That one scene just doesn’t settle right because in this century, for something that sickening to happen in America is just unbelieveable. Working day to day just to be chained up is a really terrifying idea that will make you appreciate your life more.

This movie’s focus on people’s abuse rather than food, helps make it a must watch that doesn’t make you feel guilty but instead encourages you to answer the call of action. Even if you don’t care about food, the story is captivating enough for anyone to watch.

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