Some Thoughts on “Food Inc.”

Food Inc is a documentary of exactly what happens to our meat before it is set on our tables.  It shows graphic scenes of deformed chickens, a child with E-Coli, a cow being treated for indigestion, chicks on a conveyor belt, and animals being slaughtered inhumanely for no other reason than human selfishness.  I am outraged.  I hate, loath, and despise Food Inc and its reason for existing.

The argument of Food Inc is that the meat we eat is not always safe and is certainly not natural.  When we think of farms, we think of rolling fields, bright green grass, and happy animals frolicking here and there.  Food Inc shatters these ideals and brings to light what really happens.  To do this, Director Robert Kenner used graphic images, sinister music (with some exceptions), and the testimonies of multiple farmers who actually farm for a living.  The documentary itself is professional and well done, even though it came out in 2008.  I just happen to hate it.

The first time I watched this documentary, I was a twelve year old in middle school.  On the day that we watched the section on E-Coli, my family had hamburgers for dinner.  I came home scared out of my skin and, after a few hours of failed attempts to forget the movie, I sat down to my father’s grilled hamburgers, which I love with a passion, and almost cried.  Ever since then, I have been very, very, very conscious of the color of my meat.  My Mom is sick of me staring at my food, searching for the pink spot that I alone will see.  Is this a good thing?  Was this helpful to my life?  Was me living in fear of my food the end-goal of Food Inc?  If it was, congratulations, you won.

Looking at the film critically, I am glad that they didn’t flinch away from showing us the nastiness that is our food industry, but they could have presented it in a way that wouldn’t have made a twelve year old sit down to one of her favorite meals and cry.

Food Inc. Kenner, Robert. Participant Media. 2008. Film.

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