Just Eat It: A Review

Similar to its title, Just Eat It is in your face and demanding attention.

A tight focus is centered on Jen and Grant, a couple and their 6 month mission to live on food waste.

The film frequently cuts to colorful scenes of food being mechanically sorted. In one instance, Harold McClarty, owner of HMC Farms is interviewed about how much fruit actually makes it out of the packing house.

“The amount of fruit left there in the field or discarded after it gets in the packaging house, I`ve seen as high as 70%, the least I`ve seen is 20% that gets thrown away.” Harold McClarty, owner of HMC Farms.

Grant gets garbage accidentally thrown on him, an admitted low for him during the project.This seemingly trivial moment launches us back into the real issue at hand, wasted resources.

The shocking visuals of perfectly beautiful food being destroyed for reasons unjustified, etch themselves into the morality of the reader. In one scene, Grant comes across an entire dumpster filled with perfectly good hummus. A moment of silence naturally falls when Grant tries to absorb what he is seeing before grabbing a few to take home.

The rotting, forgotten fruit in the fridge costs more than it seems. Every watering that goes into that fruit, the petroleum used for transport, even the energy expended by the consumer to bring it home, are also wasted.

“When we fail to eat it, what we have failed is an entire system which is in itself already wasteful. All of the embodied energy and the resources in that piece of food, all of that, has been in vain.” Tristram Stuart, author of WASTE.

Just Eat It guides us through our menagerie of excess, without a blindfold.


Just Eat It. Baldwin, Grant.2014. Peg Leg Films

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