Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life

512fsvugcel-_sy344_bo1204203200_In the book Animal, Vegetable, and Miracle, the author Barbara Kingsolver takes us on a one year experiment of what life is like living on a farm. The experiment is about her and how her family decide to move onto a farm where they would learn to grow their own sources of foods in the same place that they live. Quoting her on one of my favorite quotes from this book, “Households that have lost the soul of cooking from their routines may not know what they are missing: the song of a stir-fry sizzle, the small talk of clinking measuring spoons, the yeasty scent of rising dough, the painting of flavors onto a pizza before it slides into the over”. Throughout this book there are many quotes alike this one, where we should take a moment to really think about what she is saying and how she points out the obvious, in her own clever way. We are a society that is phasing out our kitchens in return for brick and mortar drive-thru’s, where we don’t know what goes on in those places. Kingsolver takes us into what most American’s are blind to and educates the reader on what we think our food is, versus the actual reality, along with the understanding of what the word “cheaper” food means in the industry. Quoting her line “Value is not made of money, but a tender balance of expectation and longing.” We can all assume most people that go grocery shopping the words “value” and “cheap” are words we look for in our foods that we throw into our shopping cars, but Kingsolver educates us on the “behind the scenes” of those price tags and cheap foods. The author does a wonderful job on representing the art of appreciation on the family’s consumption of food, and how they learn to cope with the pressures of eating locally especially when certain items are not “in season.” Kingsolver takes you into her world and she makes you want to live in it, with every chapter bringing something unique, funny, or even a life lesson to be learned, this is a book you want to read. And just for your sake you may want to invest in a gym membership because the book is FULL of delectable, scrumptious recipes, trust me I warn you now!

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