Independence with Food (FINAL)

Kingsolver’s Animal, Vegetable, Miracle focuses on the importance of food and agriculture through a combination of facts and stories. The story goes through one year where Kingsolver and her family eats mostly organic and local foods. Every chapter is filled with knowledge on farming and life that can be used every day. Kingsolver teaches that growing your own food and reconnecting with it can lead to independence, and respect for life.

America’s dependence on other’s food is a problem that most people don’t see leading Kingsolver to focus on that. Very little of the food Americans consume is controlled by the eater but rather by corporations. Kingsolver does a great job at describing all the problems with this, from quality control, to biodiversity, to corporations and their GMOs, there are an abundant amount of problems that need to be addressed.

To fix our disconnection we must change how we think about food and what it means to farm. Kingsolver described it best when she said, “we call our food animals by different names after they’re dead…our words for unhealthy contamination- “soiled or dirty”…” (Page 10). This disconnect of where our food comes from, it’s not a cow but beef, and the disconnect from farming, implying that soil and dirt are bad, is what makes people indifferent about where they get their food from. Meat is seen as a food option rather than as a deceased being. So to fix this problem, we must, as a society, stop looking at farming as such a negative job and realize the importance of food and where it comes from.

If you’re looking for help with this disconnection from food problem, or just for fun, then Animal, Vegetable, Miracle is a perfect read for you to become more informed on that topic.

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