About Me

I’m currently in my junior year here at Kutztown as a Professional Writing major.  I plan to officially add my Public Relations minor by the end of the semester.  I didn’t start off my college career as a Professional Writing major, and I’ve actually changed my major quite a few times before I stumbled upon this major.  I’ve always loved writing, but was hesitant to major in it.  However, with encouragement from my parents, I decided to try it out and I couldn’t be happier.  Both my writing and English classes are wonderful, given that I’ve always been most fond of English as compared to math or science.  I have an internship for this upcoming Spring, continuing on into Summer, something that I am very excited for.  Although I love creative writing, I’ll probably end up writing and editing various works for a company of some sort.

This particular English class has been unique from those I have taken in the past, as it is centered entirely around a food theme.  Over the course of the semester, we have explored food at various different angles.  I’ve had the opportunity to volunteer at Friend Inc., a local food pantry that I now volunteer at monthly out of class.  I’ve also had the opportunity to read a wide range of works, both long and short, about food and how food has impacted others.  For my final food essay, I get to retell the day that my cousin and I made Chicken Pot Pie together, an experience that will forever stand out in my memory, and one that centers around food ironically enough.

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