Ken Crichlow Jr. – Bio

It’s amazing how much time just seems to keep going faster and faster. I still remember my first day of move-in to campus, excited for my new campus life and excited about the prospects of learning more about computers and software development. That time just blew in the wind; I’m now a senior who can’t figure out where all that time went, who didn’t expect to make a change to geography (and a smart one at that), and who now utterly reviles C++. In fact, I still don’t even feel like I’m 21. Even though I still spend most of my time just playing my games and reading news or watching videos, I’m taking more time than ever to explore things in my field that I should have last year, or the year before even. Still, better late than never!

As far as this class goes, I will admit, being a part of this class puts me in a strange, but interesting, position. Not in the unwelcoming way, but in the way of the subject matter. It’s an English course that’s themed about food. I think English has been one of my better subjects because I can usually transpose my thoughts and experiences onto paper clearly and smoothly, and I like to think my spelling and grammar are pretty good (I secretly cringe when people use semicolons incorrectly, and don’t get me started on hashtags…). However, we talk about mostly food in this class, and as someone who has yet to prepare all of his meals solely by himself, a few of the things we’ve talked about have just been a completely mystery to me. But that just makes for more things for me to learn!

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