On me by Myself as dictateted to I

I was born on April 10, 1991. I currently with my mother, my little brother, 3 Dachshunds,  and 2 elderly cats. I have not finished a short story to my satisfaction since my senior year of High School, five or six years ago. I have written since then, but find myself dwarfed by the grandeur and accomplishment of far superior writers, none of whom are my classmates, and everything I write seems trite and meaningless compared to the work of these literary titans. My favorite writers at the moment are P.J O’Rourke, whose cynicism and clear headed analysis I long to imitate, Neil Gaiman, the greatest living writer, William F. Buckley, who writes the way a figure skater moves,  R.A. Lafferty, who will show you ways of looking at the world you’ve never seen or even conceived of before, Robert Aickman, whose stories will never leave your head and Oliver Sacks, who writes like a french pastry.

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