Laura Kresge

Food and family go hand in hand for me. Whenever I make anything I always either am doing it with my mom or have her in mind. My mom and I are the best of friends and we do almost anything together.


Growing up, I was always helping my mom in the kitchen with whatever she needed– but not without some complaining. I complained that I had to wash and dry the dishes, mostly. I hated– and still hate– washing and drying dishes. I hate touching gross wet food. It’s the bane of my existence and I am very very thankful for dishwashers.


Like I said food is always a family affair for us. Every little snack, meal, beverage etc. For example, the other night we made microwave cookies– in matching fox mugs no less.


Look at how cute.

The cookies themselves were pretty good– they were a smidgeon dry though. My mom and I resolved to use her own recipe (the good one– saved for special occasions) the next time that we wanted mug cookies.

Family and food. It’s no coincidence they both start with the letter F. They’re meant to be intertwined. They’re meant to be shared. They’re meant to be together.

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