Hamza S.

Food has always been a big thing in my family. I would say food makes my family unite and assemble. Every time we invite our relatives there is a big feast. My mother likes to cook and since there are at least 20 persons at our family gatherings she cooks different foods and a lot of that with my aunt. It’s mostly arabic-oriental food since I have arabic roots. So there is food for everyone and everyone has to eat. There are no excuses that someone doesn’t like to eat something. “C’mon there might be something you like. Look at all the food!” is a sentence that is very common. And that’s right even if someone doesn’t like a certain dish there is always the option to have fries, pasta or rice. I like these family gatherings because spending time with my siblings, cousins, uncles, aunts and grandparents brings up memories from my childhood. Without the food at the family gatherings it’s like something is missing. We wouldn’t sit together and talk about things that happened in the past. Sitting together at the big table makes us feel nostalgic.

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