David A. Toupin III Bio

Being a 22 year old college student is not easy by all means. I never really understood my older cousins when they have told me that college is the best time of your life, but is always the most stressful. I finally realized that once I arrived at Kutztown University. The only method I have to managing stress is working out and eating healthy. My personal well-being is a very important aspect of my life and something that I take very seriously. I would much rather spend 2 hours in the kitchen cooking a healthy meal for myself than stopping at the dining hall for those greasy slabs of pizza or high fattening cheeseburgers. My family always calls me difficult when to it comes to eating healthy foods, but being the healthy individual I am when it comes to exercising and eating healthy, I wouldn’t have lost 60 lbs. Food is an important aspect of my life and I am always expanding my boundaries when it comes to trying new healthy options, because lets face it, eating healthy is boring and you have to spice it up. But just because I enjoy eating healthy, don’t think that I don’t enjoy a large Hawaiian pizza pie from the very famous pizzeria Tommy Boy’s. Life is all about moderation and you need balance in your life to live happier and healthier.

But about more me, lets see. I am a junior studying secondary education w/ English and a minor in special education. I love the Kutztown area and I love meeting new people who have similar interests in working out and eating healthy. I love writing about my health experiences and sharing my knowledge to people who are looking to make a lifestyle change. if there is a will, there is a way and nothing is impossible.

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