About Veronica

My name is Veronica Daub and I’m in my final year as an undergrad at Kutztown University. By the end of the fall I will have finished my major in Professional Writing and am using next semester to complete both my Literature and Digital Communication minors. After graduation, I would love to work towards a job in magazine writing or editing. Getting a job as a travel writer would be a dream come true; I’ll also jump at any opportunity to write about music. I’m constantly listening to music, and always do my best to make it to as many live shows as possible. I play guitar here and there, and I also hula hoop, which is much more fun than you remember from elementary school. As far as food writing goes, I’m probably the least qualified. I’ve never been much of a cook, apart from my expertise at scrambled eggs, pasta, and tacos. I’d love to dive in with interesting ingredients, though that requires room to fail. My tight weekly budget harshly limits any culinary opportunity, and the time I spend occupied with school doesn’t help either. It has been strange and challenging having my schoolwork and experience with food come together, but I’m trucking along, and — fingers crossed — maybe I’ll pass.

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