Life is Short, Make Memories

My family and I travel to Disney World on a regular basis for our vacation. We spend a lot of time planning out everything, especially the places that we want to eat. The food is one of the many things that Disney is known for. They have all different types of cuisine so that there is something there that everyone will like.  Some of my favorites include the sushi, the Italian food, and the German food. Sometimes though, it’s not about the food that is served, it’s more about the experience of eating somewhere. One place that is neat to eat at is called the Sci Fi Café. In this place, you sit in a car and the entire restaurant is made to look like an old time drive in. They then have a giant movie screen that plays old black and white sci fi movies constantly. The food isn’t the best, but the experience is like nothing else. My absolute favorite place to eat at for the experience is PrimeTime Café.

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My parents, my parents’ friends, their children, and my brother and I all walk into this restaurant. All we heard about it is that it is styled like a 1950’s house. Walking into this restaurant, it meets our expectations. The floors are tiled with black and white checkers, the walls are coated in 50’s styled wallpaper. My parents let the hostess know that we have reservations and we all take a seat in the waiting area, which looks just like a living room from the 1950’s, furniture and all.



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Tune-In Lounge

After a few minutes, our waiter comes and calls us. He introduces himself as Cousin Joe and after seating us, gives us some time to look at the menus. The menu consists of all different types of food that is made at home, meatloaf, pot roast, string beans, pork chops, and many other things.



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Soon Cousin Joe returns and yells at my parents’ one friend, Sharon, “Don’t put your elbows on the table!”

She immediately obliged and slid her elbows off of the table casually, while the rest of us laughed at her.

“They really do treat you like you live in a house in the 1950’s,” I thought to myself.

We all order our food, I end up deciding on a simple Caesar salad. After everyone orders, Cousin Joe gives my brother the silverware and makes him set the table for everyone.

While we were waiting, Seth and Erin (Sharon’s children), thought it would be hilarious to pull a prank on their mom. When we went, my brother was under the age of twelve so he was given crayons and a coloring sheet to entertain him while he was waiting. Seth and Erin each took a crayon, and when Sharon wasn’t looking, they drew all over the table in Sharon’s place. She caught them in the middle of the act and yelled at them because she knew she was going to get in trouble with the waiter. The waiter came back with our drink orders and Seth immediately told on Sharon for drawing on the table.

Sharon tried to defend herself, “It wasn’t me!” but Cousin Joe didn’t believe her.

He made her sit in time out! She had to move to another table and sit by herself for a few minutes until our food came. It was hilarious. None of us thought that she would get in trouble that much.

Soon after that, the food came and Sharon was able to move back to her original seat. Our waiter once again yelled at her for putting her elbows on the table as he passed out the dishes.

He warned everybody, “Remember to eat all of your food, or no dessert for you!”

We all dug into our delicious meals. My salad was very good, the lettuce was the perfect amount of freshness and the dressing was delicious. About halfway through the meal, Cousin Joe came over to check on us. Once again, Sharon had her elbows on the table. Cousin Joe had had enough. He grabbed a bottle of ketchup and poured it all over the table in front of Sharon’s place so that if she put her elbows on the table they would get covered in ketchup.

The rest of our meal went on without any interruptions. When the waiter came back, he cleaned up the ketchup mess so that Sharon didn’t have to worry about it anymore. Cousin Joe looked at everyone’s plates to see if they ate everything. We all did, except for my mom. She didn’t touch her green beans.

Cousin Joe asked, “Why didn’t you eat the green beans, you ate everything else?”

She responded, “I just wasn’t very –“ but my dad cut her off.

“She didn’t like them because she likes her green beans mushy, not hard.”

Cousin Joe gave my mom an incredulous look and then proceeded to pick up her empty glass. Instead of continuing to take the dishes as we all expected, he took the glass and smashed the green beans on my mom’s plate!

“Are these mushy enough for you?” he asked her.

She laughed, “I think so, but I’m just very full.”

He took her fork and filled it with the green beans. He then proceeded to feed it to her, as one would feed a child. Everyone at the table thought it was hilarious. He only made her take one bite though before thinking that she had enough.

He asked us if we wanted any dessert and we all turned down the option. We were all very full from our meals. After that, we paid and left. There were no more issues that came about with anyone after that. All of us agreed that it was the most fun that we had in a restaurant and realized that we would love to come back the next time that we came to Disney.


Overall, going to this restaurant was a great experience for me. In order to enjoy the experience of eating at PrimeTime Cafe, you have to be the type of person that can laugh at yourself and not get offended easily. If you take things too seriously, you won’t enjoy your visit to this restaurant. I really enjoy this restaurant because I like to laugh at myself. I’m a massive klutz and if I wasn’t able to laugh at myself, I would end up embarrassed all the time. Going to this restaurant gives you the chance to just laugh and make memories with your family. You also get to see other members of your family get picked on and this can be pretty entertaining. My family and I all seem to share that sense of humor where you can laugh at yourself. All four of us enjoyed ourselves when we’re eating there and have gotten to go back a couple of other times after that. My parents’ friends and their children also enjoyed this restaurant experience. I do think that the children had more fun than their parents, because the parents don’t always have the sense of humor that is needed to enjoy this place, but overall the four of them really had a good time. They also have come back to this restaurant one other time.

Another thing that makes this restaurant so great is that you can really see that the waiters love their job. They are always smiling and laughing and just having a great time. Part of that is because it’s required since they do work in Disney World, but the other part is genuine. It’s always clear to see if someone enjoys what they do, and when they do, you really can see that in them. You can see it in their attitude and just the way that they present themselves to others. That is another part that makes the experience so great, the workers are just fantastic.

Disney World is a very family oriented place. It’s known for making memories with your family that will last a lifetime. This restaurant is definitely one of the best places to create memories that you can laugh about years later. I know for my family, we first went to that restaurant five or six years ago and we still reminisce and laugh about my mom being force fed mushed up green beans and Sharon’s children getting her put into time out.

Going out to eat isn’t always about the food. Sometimes it’s just about spending time with the people that you love and making memories with those people. You never know how much time you have left in life, so make the most of the time that you have. Go out and have fun, make memories, and just enjoy the company of those that are closest to you.


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