A Look inside the life of a dairy farmer


Elizabeth Lutz

Dr. Chernekoff

Interview Project

Earlier this week I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Barry Donmoyer of Harper Dell Farms.

image-11 The sign at the end of the farm driveway.

He is married to Sheila Donmoyer and they have two children together, Katie and John. They all live on their dairy farm where they milk and raise crops in the rural area of Lebanon County. Barry is a 53-year-old man who has been around and involved in dairy farming his entire life. A little over a year ago he was diagnosed with kidney failure and has been placed on dialysis ever since until a transplantable kidney is available. Through all of the hardships and perils of his sickness he has never stopped farming. He is a true inspiration and has an amazing story to tell.

I chose Barry for my interview project because he is a local farmer in…

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