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Sunday’s during the football season is what I looked forward to the most growing up. Growing up as a young kid I would always be around the house watching football on Sunday afternoons with my dad and a few of his close friends. Each week it would be the same schedule over and over again, people would show up around noon with different items of food and cooking would begin. Each week though they would always cook wings and I felt like one of the guys as we were all munching down. You would always know what was going on during a Sunday afternoon if you walked through the front door of my house.

            Regardless if you someone knew what was happening at our house on Sunday afternoon’s or not, if you came into the house you would quickly find out. The smell of deep friend chicken wings being cooked and a group of adults and some kids all screaming at a television either for their football team or not was a Sunday in a nutshell at my house. The aroma of greasy deep friend chicken wings with typically hot and barbeque sauce lingered throughout our house until Monday. Laughing and yelling at a television were the most common things that would occur; even a tear may have been dropped if a certain team ended up losing. It was hard to determine at my age what brought everyone together…long-time friendships, food, or football but either way it was always a great time. But eventually as I grew older Sunday’s began to change.

Once I got into middle school and was quickly approaching high school Sunday’s slowly were changing. The normal group of friends that would always get together each week to cook food and watch football began to have other obligations. As the regular group of people that were getting together each year began to diminish I was kind of shocked because this is what they did. Eventually Sunday’s became just something of the past as it became harder for everyone to get together as they grew in age. By this time when their Sunday fun days had come to an end I was now in high school. My group of friends and I decided that we to wanted to do something just as they did.

We did exactly as they did with each week during the football season we would all get together at a different person’s house just having a good time and enjoying food. The thing that makes my story different from my dad and his friends is that each week the food that we ate would always be the same, it would never change…except once. Each week it was always myself and my four other friends, Jake, Casey, Kyle, and Blake. Each of us had a specialty dish or food item that we thought we were fabulous chefs at cooking each thing.

Each week I would make my gram’s homemade barbeque recipe because the first time that my friends had it they absolutely loved it and they requested that just as well all did for each other’s food. Jake would make his famous buffalo chicken dip; Casey would bring homemade macaroni and cheese, Kyle created these miniature hot dogs wrapped up in croissants, and Blake would make chicken quesadillas. Each week we would always make an enormous amount of food that we could have probably left over for the following Sunday. As each week came what we made was never altered and the same amount of good was made and each week we could not wait to be eating the array of food that we knew was going to show up.

Week 1 of the 2006 football season was when we began our own tradition of getting together watching football and cooking up food. This first time went surprisingly well as we all got together not really having any idea of what was going to happen with this plan we created in school. Jake’s house was the first residence that we agreed we would go to that would begin our tradition. We all met up at his house around 11:30 that day in order to get cooking. We all were not really sure how this cooking process was going to work but thankfully this time everything worked well. We all cooked our food and everything was ready to go by game time. We ate most of the food and watched football all day leaving the kitchen a complete mess, as Jake never told his parents what was going on that day until they arrived back that night. We all cleaned the kitchen and scrubbed dishes that were not too fun but it came with the territory. At the conclusion of the night we began discussing about the following week and Kyle said we could go to his house because he knew his parents would be away at a family function all day on Sunday.

The following weekend as planned we were scheduled to go to Kyle’s when early Sunday morning he was now attending his family function but would return home early afternoon. So we only pushed back our start time a few hours, which was not a big deal. We all got to Kyle’s about 3:30 that afternoon and everything seemed to be going smoothly. Everyone was preparing their food and we started watching some of the games. Jake was running late this day so he had asked Kyle to preheat the oven for him so when he got there he would be able to put the food right in without having to wait. This was not a problem so once he began preheating the oven we all went down into his basement to watch the games just as we always did. About 15-20 minutes pass by and we hear Jake come into the house and scream “guys, come help…hurry!” so we all went sprinting upstairs. We get to the kitchen and we see flames and Jake attempting to swat these flames out with a towel. Next thing we know the fire company is there and we have no idea what is going on. Thankfully the fire got contained and put over very quickly without really any damage or injury. Kyle’s parents pulled into the house as the fire department was just leaving and they were not happy.

His parents came into the house wondering what had happened and probably were expecting to see some horrific incident. His parents asked him if he took the chips and paper products that they had stored in the oven for whatever reason, of course Kyle had forgot, which nearly almost burnt his house to the ground. Needless to say with this unexpected event that happened all of our foods ended up getting thrown out or broken during this incident but at least nothing was really damaged aside from some burn marks on the floor and the oven. That would all get fixed and replaced and we were all safe to continue our tradition and now we can actually look back at it and laugh.

Talking about my story makes me laugh and think about how much fun and good times that I had growing up and still continue to have. This is just a small story that I look back on with all the good times that I have had cooking food, watching football and hanging out with my friends. My dad and his friends Sunday get together slowly died out, which happens as people and families start to grow older but it is the memories that count. My friends and I now that we have grown older still continue to meet up almost every weekend even though it is tough being in school but we meet at places where the food is made for us. We still laugh and have fun as we did years ago and that will never change.

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  1. jcrhetblog says:

    So many traditions revolve around food, don’t they? It’s great that you and your friends still take the time to get together and that you have good memories to share.

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