Eating Christmas

When we were little, the one-day out of the year that my brother and I would wake up before our parents is Christmas morning, hoping for a white Christmas.  We wouldn’t be allowed to go downstairs yet.  We would have to wait for our parents to wake up first.  They do not want us to see all the goodies Santa left, without them being there with us to capture the moment.  My brother and I would wait outside our parents’ door while they get ready.  On this one particular day only, they seem to be getting ready exceptionally slow.  When they are finally finished getting ready, we all excitedly head down the stairs to see what we will find.

The first thing that we all notice are all of the presents gathered around our brightly lit Christmas tree and the Christmas decorations everywhere.  We then find that the cookies and milk, that we left for out for Santa the previous night, are all gone and the carrots that we set out for the reindeer are gone too.  After we take a look at our presents, my mom, my dad, my older brother, and I gather around the table and eat Christmas cookies for breakfast!  We have such a wide variety of cookies to choose from that our house smells like a bakery.  A few days before Christmas day, my mom and I would always make chocolate chip cookies, German chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies, snicker doodles, and vanilla and chocolate pizzelles (well, actually my dad is in charge of making the pizzelles).  When we are finished eating breakfast, it is time to open our presents.  As my family piles into the living room, where our beautifully decorated tree is located, my mom and dad take their usual places on the couch while my brother and I sit on the floor nearest to the tree and presents.  As we eagerly open our presents, my mom passes around more cookies.  The tearing of wrapping paper is music to my ears.  We all laugh and talk enthusiastically, thanking each other, while opening presents.

After opening presents and cleaning up the wrapping paper, my parents start preparing Christmas dinner.  First, the ham goes in the oven for several hours.  Then, the potatoes go in the oven.  My mom and I eat regular baked potatoes, but my dad and brother eat sweet potatoes.  Next, my parents prepare the cranberry sauce together.  The smell of cranberries fills the air.  Towards the end of preparing the dinner, the pineapples are cooked on top of the ham to give the ham added flavor of pineapple; the corn goes into the microwave, and the biscuits go in the oven.  As the smell of ham and pineapple fills the air, my mom, my dad, my brother, and I gather around the table.  The first thing that I bite into, after saying Grace, is the hot and juicy ham.  Of course it tastes like ham, but it also has a taste of pineapple added to it.  The corn tastes sweet, the biscuits are warm and flaky, and the pineapples are tangy and juicy.  During dinner, I can hear the familiar sound of silverware clinking against the plates and the warm, familiar voices that belongs to my family.  My mom, my dad, my brother, and I always gather for the holidays.   Unfortunately my aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents are unable to join us for the holidays, due to the fact that they all live near the Pittsburgh area, where my family is originally from.  Our schedules just never work out for a huge family reunion or to visit one another.

After dinner comes dessert.  My mom and I always make two pies for Christmas.  First we make pumpkin pie, then apple pie.  Together we roll the dough and fill the dough with the pumpkin filling.  However, for the apple pie, we have to slice the apples then fill the dough with the apples, cinnamon, and brown sugar, and then we put the top crust on and let the pie bake until it is a perfect golden brown color.  For the pumpkin pie we serve whipped cream on top, and vanilla ice cream is served on top of the apple pie.  The pumpkin pie is my absolute favorite.  I love the taste of the sweet pumpkin filing and the crunchy pie shell.  I am not a huge fan of apple pie, although for some reason the rest of my family likes apple pie better.  With both pies, six different types of cookies, and ham, we eat Christmas leftovers for about the next week.  At least we won’t have to cook anything for a while!

After Christmas dinner, and cleaning up after ourselves, we all gather in the living room and watch movies for the rest of the day.  For Christmas we usually get movies that we really want, and we all watch them together on Christmas day while occasionally eating more Christmas cookies throughout the day.  Then when dinner comes, we eat a Christmas dinner all over again (leftovers).  After supper, my family gathers in the living room once more to watch more movies, but this time we watch Christmas movies.  It is always a tradition to watch “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”, and “The Santa Clause”.  “The Santa Clause” is my favorite Christmas movie of all time.

When the day is over, it is a sad thought because we all had so much fun.  I love spending the holidays with my wonderful family.  There may only be four of us, but we have such a lively time, and as much fun as if there were a whole bunch of us.

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  1. jcrhetblog says:

    You seem to cherish your family traditions very much. Have they not changed at all over the years?

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