Local Action

The difference between ideological conviction and civic action can be a gap difficult to bridge. Even an individual with interest in food issues may be overwhelmed by the prospect of undertaking individual action, or may not feel knowledgeable enough to get involved, or simply does not know action to take. For citizens of the Lehigh Valley looking to get involved in local sustainability issues, the Alliance for Sustainable Communities in Lehigh Valley is a great place to start meeting like-minded people,  become acquainted with current local issues, and find avenues for action. According to the mission statement on their website, http://www.sustainlv.org, “The Alliance is dedicated to working for community sustainability. This will involve holistic approaches to the environment, social justice, health, participatory democracy, and local economies. We are committed to active, collaborative approaches to achieving long-term positive outcomes.” The Alliance is aware of many sustainability issues, and of these food issues command much attention. Food issues are broken down into the topics of “community gardening, fair trade, food distribution, industrial food production, local food, school food, sustainable growing” (www.sustainlv.org). Within each of these topics, there are numerous postings which either explain the issue in a straightforward way, describe a recently published study related to this issue, or highlight upcoming events related to the topic. Interestingly, many articles are posted under numerous categories. These categories are listed with the post- for example, the ‘Farm-to-School’ article, which succinctly describes the program and how it can address health and sustainability issues and includes contact information for the Eat Real Group should the reader wish to get more information or get involved, was also posted under the topics of “climate…, environmental health…, learning & schools…, places & infrastructure…, sustainability education” (www.sustainlv.org). This allows readers to see how the issues they are interested in, in this case the ‘Farm-to-School’ program within the local foods topic, relate to other branches of the sustainability movement. The website has a wealth of information regarding specific programs and other activism watersheds related to food, including an invitation to the Lehigh County Open Gate Farm Tour and links to such organizations as Food and Water Watch, Weston A. Price Foundation, and Wild Farms Alliance. They also provide contact directories organized according to topic, so it is incredibly easy to find a list of local organizations involved in the local sustainable food movement. I urge interested readers to visit the website and check out the upcoming events, such as the Alliance steering committee meeting scheduled for 17 October 2013 at 6:30 pm, which is open to the public. The Alliance is a great resource for those interested in local food issues or, more broadly, local sustainability issues.

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  1. jcrhetblog says:

    I’m glad to learn about this organization. Thanks for writing this piece.

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