Best Pulled Pork Around

The pulled Pork and great beer

The pulled Pork and great beer

Grumpy's from 309.

Grumpy’s from 309.

Many of us can admit to having a favorite restaurant, and most definitely a favorite food, but why do we choose the restaurant or why do we choose to have a favorite food? Food can not only fill our bellies, and give us nutrients and energy, but it can also bring us satisfaction. People may pick and choose what thy like and dislike about a certain restaurant, we all have so many different reasons. For me to call a place “my favorite,” I need the satisfaction that the food brings me, an atmosphere that is lively and I enjoy a place where there is good beer flowing. One of my all time favorite food is pulled pork. I just can’t describe the effect of the taste of the pork, and the BBQ sauce as it hits my mouth, and I love the smell, reminds me of my camping days. Got to love me the smell of smoked meat, ugghhh brings me to the thoughts of campfires and beers. I have tried so many pulled pork restaurants in the valley, and none of them compare to Grumpy’s BBQ Pit. Not only is there pulled pork out of this world, but I love the atmosphere Grumpy’s brings to the table, a place with great food, great beer, and good people.
Located in Mechanicsville, PA, is a place called Grumpy’s BBQ, which is home to one of the best pulled pork sandwiches you could ever imagine. So why are they the best around? Trust me I have tried many other places that think they sell the “best” pulled pork, but I was always disappointed. The one thing you have to understand about Grumpy’s pulled pork is that, the taste of the BBQ sauce is like no other. You can either choose hot BBQ or regular BBQ sauce. Both are out of this world, but I prefer regular, because I do not like spicy things. I have to worn you, when you approach it, it may look like nothing, because it is a little run down and older, but do not let that shy you away. I remember my first time I went to Grumpy’s I was 13 years old, and I went with my family for my mother’s birthday. Even then I was really impressed, but I think at the age of 21, I was even more impressed, because I could enjoy a nice cold beer. Me and a couple friends went back one night to see a band, and that is when I fell in love all over again with Grumpy’s BBQ Pit.
Not only does Grumpy’s make the best pork around, but they also have a wide variety of draft beers on tap, which to me is all I could ask for. Good beer and good pulled pork. Grumpy’s is a good old fashion restaurant with a full bar, and very laid back atmosphere. Beers can be a little on the pricey side, but they have a lot of imported beers, and beers normal bars do not carry. One of my favorite beer there is FranzisKoner. Really strong beer, and tad bit expensive, but totally worth it because of the taste. Rick, is the local bartender there, who I know very well. He always is welcoming and friendly. Sit down at the bar, he has my beer waiting for me, and I do not even have to look at the menu, because I always get the same thing. Pulled pork sandwich with a side of fries, and o my did I mention gator bites? Yes, real alligator meat, but please by no means be grossed out, do not knock them till you try them, tastes just like chicken.
The best thing about Grumpy’s, and what makes their pork the best is one simple reason…a smoker outback, where they smoke all their meats. The crazy thing is that you can smell it from a mile away, your nose almost guides you there, tempting you to stop. Grumpy’s has and will be a place I continue to go, although it is not the local weekend hangout, it is nice to go there for a nice cold Frances, and some good old pulled pork. The smell of the smoker, always reminded me of the nights of sitting around the campfire, and the smell of fires, burgers, and grills. I can remember my first time there. I ordered the pulled pork on a roll, with a side of coleslaw and mashed potatoes. After soon as I lifted the first fork full of that juicy pork, I knew I would be hooked. The taste of the smoked pork just falls apart in your mouth. It takes like heaven on a fork. The smokiness flavor is to dye for, and the fall of the bone pork, just made me want to keep eating. The last time I was there was about two months ago to see a band, and I felt like I never left from the first time. The warmth of all the friendly people as I walked through the door, made me feel like I was at home. Rick, had my beer waiting for me, as I walked up to the bar stool. Laughs and the smell of cornbread, soon filled the room, and the scene of the 80’s band setting up to perform. All I could do was sit back, and think to myself” this is what it is all about, good music, good people, and great beer”.
Like I said I have tried numerous places that sell pulled pork, but I always come back to Grumpy’s because of the social/ easy going atmosphere, and the outstanding food they offer, and Grumpy’s offers all that. In my opinion, if a restaurants going to sell pulled pork, they need to have a smoker, cause that is truly the best type of pork. The good old melt in your mouth, finger licking, pulled pork. So do not get mistaken, pulled pork is not only a manly type of food, woman can enjoy is just as much. My point is that people should look no further than Grumpy’s for a fun time, and some good old fashion pulled pork.

I feel that my essay belongs to the Dude Food because it has to do with manly food. Dude food refer to BBQ and pork, which is primarily a dude food, because we think of BBQ and wings, as a sports food and usually pork can be messy.

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