Interview-Final Project

Working at Franks Pizza

Two weeks ago I interviewed Amanda Wiegle who is in Phi Sigma Pi. She is studying here at Kutztown. She lives in Perkiomen, Pennsylvania. Amanda is 23 and a political science major and will be graduating this semester. She plans to work her current job until she finds a job after she graduates.

Amanda currently works at a local pizza place called Franks Pizza. I have never worked at a restaurant or in food services. I have never had any interest in it and I have been very picky in applying for jobs because I was never interested in working with food or serving other people. I was interested in interviewing her because I never pictured her working as a waitress at a pizza place. She said she has worked there for about two years and likes it a lot compared to past jobs she has held. I asked her what her favorite part about working there was and she said, “ I love serving people who come in and I love being able to meet new people every time I go into work.” I think it is great that she likes going into work to communicate with people. I have never worked in food services so I am unaware of all aspects of working in a restaurant.
“What is one thing you would change about working at the restaurant?” I asked.
She claimed, “ Well, thats an easy question. I wish I made more money, because I am a waitress I only make $3.00 an hour because I make tips. The only problem with that is most of the people who come in to eat are young or in college and do not tip very well.” I had no clue waitresses make so little money. I was very surprised to find out they are not required to make minimum wage because they make tips. I do not think I could ever work as a waitress because of how little they are paid.
For my next question I asked Amanda, I asked, “ How do you deal with people being rude about their orders and does this happen often?” “I actually have gotten pretty good at not getting mad when people complain about their food. It does not really happen often, but when it does I try to be as polite as possible because it is basically my responsibility to have people give a good review of the restaurant and I would not want a bad experience to be partially my fault,” she answered.

I then asked “ How hard is it dealing with other employees that you do not get along with?” She replied, “ I currently get along great with everyone I work with, but in the past I have had some conflict with fellow employees and it is really hard to work along side of people you do not get along with.” “ What was your way in cooping with this?” Amanda replied, “ You know me and know that I try very hard to please everyone. I usually just do what I am asked of and try to ignore any arguments or negative attitude while working, I would never want to do anything in front of customers that would affect the way they feel about the restaurant.”
I give her so much credit and I do not know how she can keep herself so composed. I would have to say something to the person that I had a problem with just so there was no tension in the work area. “ How is it that you have managed to work in the same place for so long, is it hard to work with the same people and in the same atmosphere for that long?” “I really never thought about that. I love working there so I never actually realize how long I have been there unless someone brings it up. I also have been working there the longest, most of the employees are college students so they usually only work during breaks or during the summer,” she exclaimed.

“ With that said, is it hard for you to get to know all of the employees that come through?” “I actually love getting to know all the people and I love having so many relationships through work. Many of my closer friends are actually from work and I like it because I have work to relate with them.”


“ What types of food does Franks Pizza serve?” “We have so much food! We have pizza of course and any Italian food you can imagine. One of my favorites is chicken parmesan. We have so many pasta dishes, but a lot of people order subs and grinders.” “ What would you recommend for someone to order if they were to eat there?” “Well, I really like the pastas and the  vodka rigatoni is delicious, so I would suggest that.”

Amanda seemed really excited about her job and I loved interviewing her and seeing how happy she was with her job. From this interview I learned that not all jobs in food services are that bad. Because of this interview I may actually consider working in food services someday.

Interviewer: Brianne R. Carroll

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